Our core focus is in developing customer centric use cases, implementation roadmaps that align with organisation implementation maturity and culture.

Disrupt is a leading business project management boutique firm founded in 2013 that specialises innovation opportunities and provision of roll out capabilities required. While we work worldwide and across many industries, our focus is on clients in Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and Asia in renewable energy, fin-tech, consumer goods, and technology.

One of our core key differentiators is our methodologies that provides our clients with a consistent and unique vantage point on evaluating opportunities and challenges and required responses. We are world-class in what we do: our core team has worked in numerous industries that are in flux mode, we’ve worked with leading minds across the world in our industries of focus.

We are both strategists and implementers who know that clients need more than reports– they need actionable results.

Practice Areas


Our team leverages deep industry knowledge as well as practical experience to help our clients develop, test, and commercialize new concepts. We excel at identifying Disrupt for new or existing product lines, in part by using our proven Jobs to be Done research methods to explore the unarticulated needs of diverse customer types.


As much as they can benefit from new ideas to grow their markets, many financial services firms can also utilize a disciplined process that makes innovation reliable without extinguishing creative sparks. Disrupt helps our clients bring proven, rigorous innovation processes into the financial services realm, while still being mindful of the unique regulatory and risk-related constraints of the industry


Disrupt has extensive experience in healthcare and sees an urgent need for companies in this industry to think freshly about their strategies. Change is happening fast, and companies need to be nimbler than ever in their approaches to commercialization.

Our project teams excel at helping companies expand into adjacencies, design forward-thinking strategies and portfolio plans, and evaluate the potential of new offerings or business models. We also help adapt proven innovation processes for the unique challenges and constraints of the healthcare industry. We have experience working with a wide range of healthcare clients , including pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, health IT companies, payors And life science start-ups.


The concepts of “disruptive innovation” and “jobs to be done” first took root in technology industries, and our founder has worked in these fields over many years to bring innovative concepts and strategies to life.

Our founder has worked closely with Steve Wunker, who led development of one of the first smartphones back in the 1990s, prior to working with Clayton Christensen (Harvard Professor who coined the term disruptive innovation) for six years to build out his consulting firm, Innosight. We have engaged with a wide range of firms to hone product roadmaps, assess markets, change business models, and build innovative capabilities.


Social Projects

The social sector is seeking new ways to understand at risk populations, develop strategies responsive to changing environments, and build capabilities to thrive in uncertain futures. But traditional cookbook approaches lack flexibility and the power to fuel innovation, and they face long odds in achieving these objectives.

Disrupt offers a different approach. Using techniques created to serve organisations in the midstof rapid change, we embrace a creative a creative yet highly rigorous process to spot ermerging opportunities and suggest new ways of creating impact.


Business Analytics

Our Certified Big Data Team worked with Industry leading enterprises in creating Big Data environments, data-warehouses & Big analytics solutions. Disrupt stands for Business Development Intelligence & Analytics services, This is our core recognition and this is what we are the best in Industry.

Big Data
  • Turn Key Hadoop solutions
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data strategy consulting
  • Cloudera & Mark Logic Experts

  • Ready to use BI Solutions
  • Cloud Analytics Solutions
  • IoT Analytics (TDWI)
  • Modern Data-warehouse Design


Microsoft Services
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Portals and Collaboration
  • Managed Services


Disrupt bridges the gap between strategy and implementation


Youth and Student focus. Digital offering.

Marketing Platforms

Low cost marketing platform taht works hand in hand with informal traders.

Data As a Service

Mapping and providing data for underserved markets.

Information Platforms

Rating and review platforms (Sub-Saharan focus).


Developing low cost mobile medical products.


Deeply understand the problem and Ask the tough questions.

Use primary research to get answers Directly from customers and subject matter experts.

Layer in best practices from top Innovators and thought leaders.

Develop context-specific action plans that highlight opportunities. And turn learning's into detailed maps for innovation.

Iterate and gain buy-in to ensure market responsiveness and alignment of stakeholders.

What we do

We are also leaders in building innovation capabilities. To do so, we leverage a suite of integrated tools, a vast database of examples of how organisations have approached innovation issues, and long experience in how these initiatives can struggle and thrive in complex corporate environments. Our firm was designed from the ground-up to focus on innovation. This means that our staffing model reflects the unique needs of these assignments, our experience focuses on these challenges, and our personnel in the field are second to none.

Our core focus is in developing customer centric use cases, implementation roadmaps that align with organisation implementation maturity and culture. We ensure that was the dust and excitement settles your business has made the right technology decisions, that enhance business growth and create new revenue opportunities.


With innovation, future-facing assessments matter more than intense crunching of yesterday’s data. Success in these endeavours comes from in-depth customer insights, creativity, scrappy thinking, a deep well of practical experience, and skill at building buy-in. We excel in those fields. To achieve breakthrough insight, we deploy a unique, extensively researched toolkit based on Jobs to be Done, a methodology in which we are pioneers in the South African (African) Context. We are looking to be the pre-imminent leader on innovation development and delivery.

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At Disrupt we want to work with you to not only extract the value already in your data but also deliver business insight by combining data analysis and business understanding to prepare your business for the future.

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